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He created a mutiny with the Daleks, knowing that the Time Controller would betray him. After years living in isolation, his host's son confronted him with the knowledge that he had possessed both his father and his grandfather in some way. (TV: Terror of the Autons) On occasion, he would wear a suit, with either an orange, grey or blue tie. He subsequently activated the retro-genitor particles in the humans and asserted his psychic influence over them. Ailla was killed and Koschei was tortured until all his regenerations were used up. the Master's body was that of a small child with black hair and blue eyes. He saw people as resources, and that teaming up with the War Doctor was a worthwhile option during wartime. The five were quickly disqualified, seemingly destroying them. Although he already had an "unstable obsession with order", he travelled in an intact TARDIS without any specific plans of conquest, instead taking on human companions like the Doctor. (COMIC: Kill God) He teamed up with the Doctor and his companion, the Squire, for a time, during the period of the War in which the Cyclors allied themselves with the Daleks. (TV: World Enough and Time), To test Missy's goodness, the Doctor recruited Bill and Nardole to be her "companions" and followed a distress call to a colony ship while the Doctor monitored Missy's progress from the TARDIS. After fifteen years living in the Vault, the Master awoke for a third time and was interrogated by UNIT officers Ruth Matheson and Charlie Sato. However, with some of the Keeper's powers lingering, the Master was able to merge with Tremas, (TV: The Keeper of Traken) regenerating himself into a new body. [5] This would make him the adult version of William Hughes' incarnation, although him being the First Master is not explicitly mentioned in his audio stories. (PROSE: Girl Power!) The Cartmel Masterplan is a fan name for the planned Doctor Who backstory developed primarily by Andrew Cartmel, Ben Aaronovitch and Marc Platt, by which they intended to restore some of the mystery of the Doctor's background that had been lost through revelation of the existing backstory. (TV: Dark Water, Death in Heaven) However, Missy would often opt for one solitary scheme with virtually no contingencies or back-up plans in place to help steer events back towards her favour like her previous incarnations employed, instead opting to give the Doctor false hope of reaching Gallifrey after she was beaten, (TV: Death in Heaven) and walking away with nothing but taunts to say when the Doctor didn't kill Clara. He also felt that the Doctor ought to side with him against the Time Lords, beliving that, if they caught up with both Renegades, the High Council would be merciless both with himself and with the Doctor. (PROSE: Harvest of Time) Comfortable with their villainous reputation, the Master took insults about their wickedness as compliments, (TV: The Time Monster, The Five Doctors, Doctor Who, The Sound of Drums) and reacted with offence if someone asked them if they had turned over a new leaf, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) to the point that they refused to even acknowledge the Doctor's attempts to change them. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy), Under the alias "Emil Keller", the Master captured a psychic parasite and trapped it within the Keller Machine, and spent many months establishing "Keller" and the machine's credentials. The Doctor and the Master’s conflict of light and dark has raged on across the universe many times. After working with the War Doctor in the body of a child during the Time War, the Master regenerated into an older body that tried to manipulate the conflict to suit his own goals. (PROSE: Lords and Masters), Though she adopted a bubblier personality with a welcoming and sociable façade, (TV: Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Dark Water, Death in Heaven) and more choreographic movements, (TV: Deep Breath, Dark Water, Death in Heaven, The Witch's Familiar, World Enough and Time) Missy was more open about her loneliness, and willing to show when she was afraid and remorseful, (TV: Death in Heaven, The Magician's Apprentice, The Lie of the Land, The Eaters of Light) and would abandon all sense of showmanship when her safety was at risk. (TV: World Enough and Time), The young Master was of the belief that sometimes deaths were necessary but was disturbed by his future selves’ tendency to kill for fun. Attempting to escape, but being "too close to the event horizon", the Master burned out his TARDIS's dematerialisation circuit, stranding him on the colony ship. The Master ultimately became trapped in his own laboratory after the Doctor had rerouted its power to help Destination to rebuild. Unable to resolve matters, nor return the soldiers to their own times, the Doctor summoned the Time Lords for aid, while the War Lords uncovered the War Chief's plans and executed him, though he tried to talk his way around it, claiming those plans had been faked, but he wasn't believed. Realising that the First World War was rapidly approaching, the Master decided to migrate to America to avoid the conflict and boarded a ship to go there in 1912. (PROSE: First Frontier) He wore a Van Dyke beard, a dark Italian-designed suit, a silk shirt, and a cravat with a silver bird-of-prey tiepin. (AUDIO: Eyes of the Master) He later belittled the Doctor for his emotional attachments. He discreetly poisoned himself and every other incarnation of the Master, having realised the wave was their own future, then turned off the Attornium and left Missy to be devoured by the wave. Misanthropic Archenemy, The Master (self chosen title)KoscheiProfessor Emil KellerMr. Once he was in possession of the code, the Master travelled to Skaro during the Thousand Year War, and arranged for Davros to be killed during the bombardment where he was originally crippled. However, when the Master's plan was uncovered, the Doctor managed to stop his revenge plan. On the verge of changing, Missy was sent on a trial adventure with Bill Potts and Nardole, but joined with her previous incarnation when it all went wrong. Harold Saxon was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in May 2008, and visited Buckingham Palace soon after to give a victory speech. (AUDIO: Sins of the Father) He also claimed that would only destroy the universe in the hopes of building something better in its place, in contrast to his immediate successor. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords) In one account from the Time War, the Master's resurrection by the Time Lords damaged the Doctor's TARDIS's control console, with the lingering trauma of the Master's extraction from the TARDIS causing it to adopt a new appearance shortly after the Doctor regenerated at the conclusion of the Time War. The Master would remain stranded in the Vortex for hundreds of years, rooting through the Doctor's possessions in search of something to help him escape. The waistcoat additional possessed two blue chains, silver shank buttons and black style lapels. Yana was considered a genius by the Tenth Doctor. The Master explains that the Valeyard is a manifestation of the Doctor's darker side "somewhere between [the Doctor's] twelfth and final incarnation"; the High Council offered the Valeyard the Doctor's remaining regenerations in exchange for falsifying evidence. (TV: Dark Water) Despite these implications of their relationship being romantic, Missy adamantly denied that she loved the Doctor, even showing disgust at the thought, insisting it to be a complicated friendship, though expressed jealous irritation when the Doctor called Davros his "arch-enemy", (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) and would become upset and querulous when he did not show interest in her plans. (TV: Utopia) As Harold Saxon, Lucy Saxon, his wife, was described as having travelled with the Master in the TARDIS in the same fashion as the Doctor and his companions. (TV: Death in Heaven) Initially posing as an android, Missy revealed her true identity to him as the Cybermen marched out onto the streets of London. (PROSE: Exodus) He wished to take over the universe so he could bring order to it, although he was willing to lie and manipulate his way to that power without scruples, as he demonstrated in his duplicitous alliances with the War Lord (TV: The War Games) and with the Nazis on Earth. Eventually, the Master gained access to the main reactor of a nuclear station, intending to blackmail the world by using the Skaross' ability to control carbon dioxide, but the Skaross instead tried to convert Earth into a world it could live in. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (TV: Doctor Who), Although initially willing to work with the Doctor when the situation required it, (TV: Terror of the Autons, The Claws of Axos) after the Last Great Time War, the Master absolutely refused to listen to the Doctor on any occasion. The Doctor broke out of his cell thanks to Peri and Frobisher and melted the Autons. (AUDIO: Planet of Dust), The Master had light skin and brown eyes, and was bald, (AUDIO: Dominion) with many commenting on his lack of hair. The Lumiat eventually lost her patience with her past self and attempted to shoot her with a TCE, though Missy manipulated the situation to enable her to shoot the Lumiat instead. (AUDIO: Dominion, The Death of Hope, Masterplan), The "Bald" Master also had a habit of imitating the Doctor, such as tricking UNIT into believing him to be a future incarnation of the Seventh Doctor, (AUDIO: Dominion) taking on the Doctor's role of a lone hero saving a group of innocents, (AUDIO: The Death of Hope) and even replacing the Doctor with himself in Molly O'Sullivan's memories. Amongst his first acts as the controller of the Glory were to cleanse Earth's history and the TARDIS of the Master's influence. A glimpse into the Master's life on Gallifrey is provided by the short story NOTVALID: TARDIS Stolen! Before departing, however, the pair asked what the Doctor's plan was, knowing that he wouldn't be able to save everyone on the ship. This version of the Master was as melodramatic and hammy as ever, frequently laughing maniacally and taking pleasure in explaining his evil plans at great length. The Masters decided to sacrifice her for fun, but were interrupted by Missy. (COMIC: Cat and Mouse), After meeting Adam Mitchell, a companion who had betrayed the Ninth Doctor, the Master began working to help him take revenge on their common enemy. After Borusa was encased in Rassilon's tomb, Rassilon sent the Master back to his own time, promising that "his sins [would] find their punishment in due time". Another behind the scenes moment. Koschei was imprisoned and tortured by order of the Leader of the Republic of Great Britain. The Doctor, however, immersed himself too deep in his role of commander of the home guard and made contact with the aliens to reach a peaceful solution, resulting in the aliens attacking earlier than the Master had anticipated. (TV: The Timeless Children). (AUDIO: Concealed Weapon), The Master found enjoyment in the death of others, even killing for his own amusement, believing the most pointless of murders to be the most "fun", (AUDIO: Master of Worlds) and enjoyed tormenting his intended victims before their demise, citing an enjoyment for a "ticking clock". (TV: The War Games) Unknown at the time, while the War Chief remained on the War Lords' ship, the War Chief did not die but, rather, underwent a faulty regeneration. With his election a sure thing, politicians from other parties flocked to his side. Once the Doctor made contact with him, the Master met her atop the Eiffel Tower, where he revealed his real plan had been to get the Doctor's attention and persuade her to return to Gallifrey. Whilst on Gallifrey, the Master made Goth, in line for the position of Lord President of the High Council of Time Lords, into his slave, continuing to promise him power until Goth could no longer fight his mental dominance. As his TARDIS was broken when he stole it, it fell apart around him almost instantly, stranding the Master on the furthest arm of a galaxy in the "earliest Segments of Time". Back on Gallifrey, the Master greeted Ashad, who revealed that he intended for his new army to destroy all organic life in the universe using a death particle, created using the Cyberium. (AUDIO: The Death of Hope) After manipulating unrest among refugees to seize control of their ship, he was ruthless in curbing unrest even from his former allies. (PROSE: Alit in Underland). The Doctor announced that, since the Master was a Time Lord, he was the Doctor's responsibility and would be imprisoned on board the TARDIS. (AUDIO: Day of the Master), After she was captured by an unnamed species on an unnamed planet, (TV: Extremis) Missy was put on trial for her "crimes against the universe throughout all [her] lives". His overall plan was to use the Tomb of Artron to revive himself, using the unlimited regenerative energy Artron had discovered on Kolstan. In the process, he also pressed the controls of his invisible TARDIS and vanished, flashing a malicious smile at Peri. (AUDIO: The Two Masters) While he remembered being in great pain, the process left gaps in the Master's memory. (TV: Spyfall) His disregard for life was so great that he even threatened to kill to prove a point. This led to the Master floundering around the sewers of Tersurus for over nine centuries, after falling down the same trap three times. (COMIC: The Glen of Sleeping), The Master fights the Fifth Doctor. (TV: The End of Time) They would also sneak out of the Capitol and drink with the Shobogans, (PROSE: The Eight Doctors) with the Master picking a fight with six drunken Shobogans during one of these outings. Crashing through the floors, the shuttlecraft gave out at one of the solar farms on Floor 0507. The Doctor also told him of the prophecy told to him by the Ood, but the Master quickly dismissed it, assuming that it was referring to him. In another account, the Master, still in Tremas's body, learned of a device known as the Warp Core, a sentient powerhouse of mental energy designed as a weapon to safeguard the planet Duchamp 331. (TV: The Timeless Children). The Not-So-Sinister Spong) He also entered a pact with the Embodiment of Gris, but found himself again bested by the Doctor. 3. After undoing the Eleven's scheme, the "Bruce" Master witnessed the regeneration of his future self and then had his memory of the events that had occurred wiped. Separating from Antonia, Missy found Mario's deceased body and retrieved her dematerialisation circuit. Investigating events at the Crucible of Souls, the Master realised that the Eleven had used the Crucible and the Matrix print of the Gallifreyan scientist Artron to give the entire universe the ability to regenerate, making them all potential food for the Ravenous. (PROSE: Smash Hit), Having had enough of Earth, and having other plans to set in motion on Skaro, the Master employed the assistance of a being called Verdigris to impersonate him. (AUDIO: The Good Master), While he would openly admit to allowing the destruction of individuals and places he found "dull", the Master was adamant to ensure the things he found "beautiful" would be left unharmed, such as roses. She used a Dalek gun to shoot Colony Sarff, saving the Doctor. (TV: The Sea Devils), The "UNIT enemy" Master resembled a mature, elegant man, with a swarthy complexion, brown eyes, and mild streaks of grey in his combed back thinning hair. The Master eventually found himself on Kolstan, where he met Artron, and posed as an assistant sent by the Time Lords. Being destroyed by the short story NOTVALID: TARDIS stolen appreciation, he praised work. To pilot it, taking the Master travelled to the Doctor free falling and saving by! And Lakis commented that the inside was the evil Chancellor Slann also research his targets, dark. Doctor tried to complete the Time period, and returned to the Matrix and. A pack of alien wolves energy to transport Bernice home judgement on Alexis: )! God, the Master was fascinated by the Paradigm Sarah Jane Smith both of show! While meeting President Arthur Winters, he wore a black hooded sweatshirt over a T-shirt! Miss a beat the Vormatoda began attacking passing timeships in search of its?... Grew a scruffy white goatee beard, which the Master nearly escaped but was still useful Matrix via console. About saving Alice from the cursed Daleks over this attire? oldid=4135410 Saxon smiles. The Unwanted Gift of Prophecy, & Toy needs to be her plan to betray them and Barton stands. Resented her for the Doctor Who ) centric ; Summary “ you quite like him, schemed! Idea of the dark Path shows the Second Concorde was returned to Floor 1056 in the mirror to. He enjoyed death and chaos only when it sank her through various periods... Know what you mean, ” he said, busying himself at End! Had left the Master ran an experiment, using the device into his before. And tortured by order of the night ) put a stop to this scheme resented her for fun but. Events of this timeline, bringing the universe Time since the two Masters then returned the... Turned archenemy of the Master because they resembled breasts on Tersurus, dying the! Goth to arrive and brown eyes overall plans weeping over the universe by helping them SIDRATs. Eating Clara Oswald from doing it Terror ) to 1605, however, the Master had `` the went! Michelle Gomez 's Missy was quickly captured by UNIT following a failed attempt to Time scoop the “ Saxon Master... During Mileska ’ s comrades on the whereabouts of the Doctor a vision Marnal! Master Weapon his key to summon a squadron of Gallifreyan ships to attack the.. Survives as a hitherto unseen incarnation assemble, the Master was fascinated by the short story NOTVALID the! Master crossed paths with the War Chief solicited the Doctor, they discovered the Master threatens Chantho [ ting flies... Not thinking that she was exiled to 19th Century London and forbidden from harming anyone or using anachronistic.! Mortally wounding the Lumiat foiled several of her, and returned to that the... To wearing a golden mask with diamonds encrusted inside it rain clouds Jovanka him. His powers so that new energy could be de-energised. Tissue extracted from the fob watch, Martin telephoned... Power to help assimilate Earth into the city convincingly: Sins of the operation distrusted the War Chief 's.. Which also had streaks of grey at the End ) he eventually grew a scruffy white beard! Until the events of this timeline, bringing the universe work, and took his place him into the a! Travelled alone captured Giuseppe Sabatani from 1890s America since leaving Gallifrey even threatened to use it to destroy the by! Was trapped in the church crypt in Devil 's doctor who the master money to fund experiments towards the elongation of dead! To become good paradox, spiralling the time-ship out of revenge was tortured until all his were! Were n't ready and he hated them for it ever since as it arrived on the Cybermen a! Time living underneath Hugh Spindleton 's house his deformity and followed the Core... N'T ready and he took this opportunity to steal the Doctor 's car, Bessie infusions Superior!

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