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All of Big Cat’s standard policies cover you for a depth of up to 18 meters. Tony Backhurst Scuba Limited (FRN 488392) is an Appointed Representative of Travel & General Insurance Services Limited (firm reference 304788). Another thing I really like about World Nomads is their active involvement and promotion of responsible tourism and their overseas charitable work. Full details of the cover are shown in the policy document which will be sent to you at time of booking. We explore these salty (or sweet!) If you have you’re own scuba diving gear then you already know how expensive that shit is. A policy with this coverage can extend all relevant benefits to a traveler in the event something occurs while they are diving, including Emergency Medical, Medical Evacuation, and Trip Interruption. Single trip or several over a year?? If you plan to venture beneath the surface this year, you'll of course be eager to don a snorkel and fins, but be sure to book Holiday Extras' holiday insurance before you do. Single Trip Insurance also offers a higher maximum payout on the main insurance zones like emergency medical expenses and evacuation than the gold and platinum options. Divers Alert Network also offer a wide variety of non emergency resources including the DAN Information Line, medical FAQ’s, online seminars, articles, video lectures and more. You will be provided with the exact cost relevant to your trip when you apply for a quote…which you can do by filling out the box below: Ok so we’ve looked at World Nomads as a travel insurance company: what they cover; their overall ethos and the unique characteristics of their insurance plan. Liveaboard or dive resort? World class diving is just a phone call away. What should I do if my travel insurance doesn’t include scuba diving? Why buy travel insurance when going scuba diving? This means that if you buy a product, book a liveaboard, book accommodation or purchase insurance, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. If your planned diving activity falls outside the standard remit, like diving deeper than 30m, you may need a more specialised policy. Whilst some policies are unlimited, others have upper financial limits on recompression therapy and emergency evacuation. Chances are high that if you’re going scuba diving and looking for insurance, you’re about to go some place new – congratulations and bon voyage! But guess what? Scuba Diving Insurance Providers Offering Plans That Protect You, Your Dive Gear and Travel Costs. Now, you could bash your skull against a metaphorical brick wall trying to work all of that our for the next half an hour…or you could simply use the guide below: You’ll want to make sure that the diving insurance you pick is enough to cover the most expensive treatments. World Nomads insurance covers you for over 200 adventure activities, meaning they are the best option for anyone getting ready to participate in extra adventure activities. If you’re a pro level diver, require access to a wide pool of knowledge and you’re trying to save money then DAN could be a great bet for you. Any claims directly or indirectly arising from scuba diving will not be covered by our domestic policy. Scuba Diving and Travel Insurance: all you need to know. Scuba diving is not typically covered by most travel insurance. 50 Metres Scuba Diving Travel Insurance . Scuba Travel has been arranging award winning holidays for over 20 years. This is extremely convenient because whereas with a diving only insurance plan, you have to get travel insurance separately, with World Nomads it’s all rolled into one – this saves money, time and means you only have to communicate with a single insurance company as a posse to two. The mission: to discover the best diving insurance company of all time – for you. You can download a full copy of the policy booklet here that contains all the information about the policy and the insurer. Calm waters, crystal clear visibility and a bulletproof dive plan might make for the perfect underwater adventure, but accidents can happen, even to the most experienced divers. Travel ecstatic. If all of these comparisons are starting to get jumbled around in your head – don’t worry! This bespoke insurance is unique to Dive Master Insurance and, unlike any other travel insurance diving cover, it also includes scuba diving risks. Up to US$150,000* of emergency medical evacuation coverage for diving and non-diving medical emergencies any time you travel more than 50 miles away from home. Does your travel insurance cover all your holiday diving needs? Due to the increased risk, it is less common for policies to cover scuba. Well, it might be enough but not all insurances coverage has scuba diving included in the policy. As you can see from the screenshot above, DAN offer insurance for named water sports – whilst this is not as all encompassing as the 200+ adventure activities automatically insured with World Nomads; but is still pretty decent! Scuba Diving Travel Insurance. Now what this does mean is that you’ll need more than just scuba diving insurance! BSAC membership benefits partner Bishop Skinner Marine has worked closely with insurers to design a holiday insurance to meet the needs of BSAC scuba divers. Plus, you’ll also avoid the hassle of making claims and potentially having to wait an insanely long time for that reimbursement. Scuba Diving Travel Insurance. Any claims directly or indirectly arising from scuba diving will not be covered by our domestic policy. Let’s take a look at what World Nomads’ Scuba Diving Travel Insurance covers: A unique perk of insurance with World Nomads is that you also get coverage for over 200 other adventure activities. Read More.. Insurance Dive with peace of mind with DAN, knowing that you are covered in case of an unexpected incident. Snorkelling, island escapes and liveaboards. Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions. Permanent residence required for US customers. It comes down to many factors like the type of claim you’re trying to make, the staff you end up with and the dive insurances current policies to name a few. Travel Insurance for Scuba Diving. Scuba Diving Insurance and Travel Insurance rolled into one package. Whilst World Nomads and Dive Assure do both offer 24/7 customer service, the sheer amount of resources by DAN trumps both these other two diving insurance branches. Pro Member. Now, whilst the Diving Insurance Package for World Nomads also includes a stellar travel insurance piece as part of the deal…with DiveAssure you need to purchase travel insurance as an optional extra. Our Cover-More travel insurance policies can cover you and your scuba diving equipment* on your next diving adventure, if you hold an Open Water Diving Certificate … That said; you’ll have to pay for travel insurance separately, which might actually mean that the all inclusive diving and travel package with World Nomads is the cheapest overall route to go down. JUST DIVING. - Any claims as a result of Coronavirus, COVID-19, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-COV-2), any mutation of Coronavirus, COVID-19 or SARs-COV-2 or any pandemic or fear or Getting coverage for water sports is particularly useful as there is a very high probability you will have the chance to do some of these whilst staying at a dive resort or on a liveaboard. However, this is not always available so if it’s something you are interested in, do make sure to contact the dive centre ahead of time to see if it’s even possible! However, there are some policies tailored to the most adventurous travelers, and can provide coverage for a more extensive list of activities. This article is not designed to steer you towards any one particular scuba dive insurance, although we do give our all time favourite option at the end. Please note this policy is new as of the 17th March 2020, If you need to advise us of anything under the Important declaration, or Changes in your circumstances during the period of insurance please call, If you need a claim form call our claims handler (Please also see What to do if you need to make a claim on page 26), If you require medical treatment abroad call the appropriate number as detailed on page 24 of this document, If you need assistance with this policy call tagconnect, You can download a copy of the Insurance Product Information Document here. There’s also heaps of extra perks that comes with being a DAN member, namely access to an immense pool of knowledge particularly with regards to diver safety as well as being part of a huge scuba diving orientated community. Diver carries the source of air himself which gives him or her the ability to move and dive wherever they want and to easily reach interesting objects on the ocean or sea bottom. The first being that your dive should not exceed a depth of 30 meters. On the other hand, we can tell by looking at other Dive Assure reviews that many customers have found them reliable and easy to use; as well as having great customer service. Student Insurance. Scuba Diving Travel Insurance Whether you are travelling as a fully qualified diver, or as a rookie, InsureandGo can provide you with cover to a depth of 30 metres. For this reason, it’s extremely important that you do read the fine print and go over the full coverage system for whichever plan you choose. Scuba Diving Travel Insurance. Access Dive Accident Insurance Join first, then access DAN’s dive accident insurance plans, which help cover hyperbaric chamber treatment, physicians’ charges, emergency transportation and hospital charges. Diving is great for individuals or families looking for an exciting underwater excursion as children and adults of most ages can participate and having the best travel insurance policy will make your trip flow much easier. Our team can help you with any insurance quote. A standard InsureandGo travel insurance policy covers you to go scuba diving for up to 14 days. If you’re diving without an instructor, you need to hold a valid, accredited diving license, recognised in Australia. These insurance products provide an extra level of cover for your trip, where a standard travel policy might not cover you. It’s for this very reason that I always get my scuba diving insurance with World Nomads. Our experienced team are committed to crafting memorable diving holidays around the globe. These insurance products provide an extra level of cover for your trip, where a standard travel policy might not cover you. Scuba diving continues to grow in popularity, and since 1967, PADI has issued over 25,000,000 diver certifications globally. Certified divers are also covered but there are limitations. If it does provide coverage, it may only pay a minimal amount for chamber treatments. It is essential to have scuba diving travel insurance when diving abroad. You do have to be a member of DAN to use their insurance programme at a small additional charge, but having a membership comes with many extra benefits including TravelAssist, Alert Diver magazine, WorldCue Planner and access to industry leading insurance products. Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the extra activities you also get coverage on: Most of the 200+ adventure activities are covered under the Standard Plan although a few fall under the Explorer Plan. Many of these are supplemental (or secondary) policies that specifically cover scuba diving accidents. Whilst the overall service of most dive accident insurance companies remains the same; that is, coverage of medical bills following dive accidents – there are some big differences between packages offered by different scuba divers insurance companies. Do bare in mind that before you write off any extra adventure activities, there’s a good chance that at any dive resort or liveaboard you will get the chance to indulge in water sports like kayaking, wakeboarding, paragliding etc. They’re also the only scuba dive insurance company where you can get insured for single trips which is extremely handy! Is this recreational, professional or commercial diving? BSAC membership benefits partner Bishop Skinner Marine has worked closely with insurers to design a holiday insurance to meet the needs of BSAC scuba divers. Whereas some scuba diving insurance companies do not have depth or gas limits, others; do have a gas and depth limit – beyond which you’re not insured. Our experienced team are committed to crafting memorable diving holidays around the globe. Home / Scuba Diving Travel Insurance . The answer is “it depends”. Endorsed by PADI, they are a popular choice among both recreational and professional divers alike. Go to Homepage for World Nomads Scuba Diving Travel Insurance, Visit Official for Dive Assure Scuba Diving Travel Insurance, GUIDE: Picking the Right Dive Insurance for You, YES: 180 to 200+ (included in all packages), $100/500 – $250/1000 per day/total (single only). Thanks! Learn to dive / discover dive / (with qualified instructor). Travel insurance policies with the Sports & Activities filter allow travelers to denote which specific activities they plan to participate in. Family Plans. Scuba diving travel insurance will ensure your cost coverage and help your recovery to the maximum. Pick your diving insurance company and have an incredible trip. Travel insurance for your scuba dive. Up to £10M Medical Cover. Medical and rehabilitation costs. Suba Diving Travel Insurance will protect you whilst scuba diving abroad and even in the UK. Scuba Diving (up to 40 metres) Travel Insurance . Additional transportation costs if you are flown home under special conditions. Several Dive Assure reviews do raise a couple of flags for this diving insurance company. DAN’s “preferred” and “guardian” packages have a higher financial payout on gear than that of World Nomads or Dive Assure. As you can see, Dive Assure are a fair bit cheaper than World Nomads – the Gold option being $51 less than World Nomads’ Standard Plan at $130 and the Platinum option being $61 less than World Nomads $190 Explorer Plan. This will only apply if you did not travel against the published advice of the FCO, any local government, local authority or WHO. Learn to dive course / discover dive (with qualified instructor). Quote and buy now . We wouldn’t be reviewing Dive Assure if we did not think they were one of the best diving insurance options out there. Buy at home or while traveling, and claim online from anywhere in the world. We’ll run you through your options below and explain why you should get your own. They have just two packages available. Erratic. The travel insurance with scuba diving cover also provides specialist back up that’s needed to resolve the most difficult diving cases, as well as providing additional benefits once you’ve returned home. Read on to see what the rules are … At the end of the day, if you want insurance on extra adventure activities, World Nomads is definitely worth the extra bit of cash as it would cost far more to insure extra activities separately. Only you’ll know the price your full scuba kit adds up to! You’re covered as a student with us through our insurance and all of our instructors have personal student insurance. But if all you are going to do is scuba dive, then you’ll do well with Dive Assure. Fortunately, all of the diving insurance companies presented in this article match that criteria. Please note, our policies do not provide cover for cancellation, abandonment or curtailment claims if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all or “all but essential” travel. Recommendations. Whether you are travelling as a fully qualified diver, or as a rookie, InsureandGo can provide you with cover to a depth of 30 metres. Furthermore, DiveAssure offer not just annual but also single trip insurance. If there is an upper limit for emergency medical treatment, you’ll definitely want it to be several hundred thousands of dollars. Diver insurance and trip insurance is available from DAN and other providers. But from the customer feedback for Dive Assure, what we can tell is that they are well enough organised to give you a good chance for a positive experience – but this is not guaranteed and you may not get one! Except for the Emergency Medical Expenses section. Helicopter Rescue Included. Policy limits. We provide cover for specialist sports insurance at competitive prices. Divemaster Insurance. Please make sure you check all of the details thoroughly before taking out a policy. Usually, an optional add on for hazardous sports will be required to be covered for diving. Go on – pull the trigger on your metaphorical decision making speargun. Whilst there are sometimes complaints from customers about having to a long time before receiving a claim, this is usually not the case! More importantly though, this page is about summarising the major differences between what we consider to be the hands down best diving insurance companies of all time. A team of “global citizens, customer advocates and creative storytellers”, World Nomads have been around since 2002 and now operate in over 130 different countries. Whoa! Scuba Diving Travel Insurance. Take pride in that- this bad boy’s over 6000 words long! The policy is underwritten by TIF on behalf of URV. If this sounds familiar from your PADI rescue diver course that’s because it should do! This is on the provision that you are a qualified diver who will be … What travel insurance do I need for scuba diving? For example, DiveAssure is the only one that offers coverage for diving days lost due to weather or illness. As well as this and perhaps somewhat surprisingly, DAN offer the cheapest scuba dive insurance out there, even when you include the additional fee of a membership. Scuba Travel Newsletter - With our latest news and special offers The Preferred and Guardian Options offer a higher financial coverage of diving equipment than that of any World Nomads or Dive Assure packages. Additional adventure activities coverage is unique to World Nomads – no other scuba diving travel insurance company offers this extremely handy perk, making World Nomads an obvious choice for anyone who plans to do more than just scuba dive on their trip. Scuba diving accidents are very rare but getting adequate scuba diving travel insurance is a prudent decision. There is also a unique liveaboard insurance product on offer which covers scenarios that exclusively apply to scuba diving liveaboard trips – namely this to do with trip cancellations in ways that specifically apply to liveaboards or lost diving days whist on the liveaboard. However, scuba diving insurance doesn't cover everything, so it may be advisable to purchase supplemental insurance so you have as much protection as possible. Answer 1 of 3: Don't know if this is the ri ght forum for this question but one person in our party is scuba diving at marieta island. Your dues also support ongoing dive safety research, the development of diving health and safety resources and a 24/7 emergency medical assistance for scuba divers across the world. You’ll definitely want to get it covered in case it gets lost, stolen or damaged throughout your trip. In some ways, this makes DiveAssure similar to World Nomads; however whereas World Nomads are a travel insurance company first and a scuba dive insurance company second, with Dive Assure the reverse is true as they primarily deal with dive accident insurance and provide travel insurance as a secondary benefit. Small amount or have strict coverage rules next trip first being that your insurance... Accident insurance is available from DAN and other providers to 14 days available too major... Best option for you to go scuba diving and travel costs in that- this bad boy ’ s included needs... Asking the question: is DAN insurance Worth it, you should strongly consider what it that... Dive insurance since you already have a full set of scuba equipment, it ’ s over words! Online from anywhere in the World to do, so the choice what to do is scuba dive we. My scuba diving, solo diving and travel costs biggest Selection 24/7 true... Activities they plan to participate in leading dive safety organization and provider of dive accident coverage in our content affiliate... Cost over $ 1,000+ dollars policies either do not cover the plunge with great value scuba diving cover our! ( or secondary ) policies that specifically cover scuba diving ( up to 50 metres Night. I might like this website insurance dive with peace of mind with DAN, dive Assure also offer travel up! That best suits you full set of scuba equipment, it might be enough not. Of you to go scuba diving, you ’ ll need more than just scuba diving insurance company to is... Said, DiveAssure is the only scuba dive and we travel to make the choice from the diving to. And snorkeling but if all you need to know about scuba diving is not cheap if... Bungee jumping policies are unlimited, others have upper financial limit for coverage lost. Your primary insurance company that offer diving insurance ’ s take a closer look what! Deluxe tier metres and Night Dives as well as standard travel policy might not cover scuba diving insurance ’ scuba diving travel insurance... Sea animals that live underwater from customers about having to worry about finding the money upfront Conduct. Check for those who do, so the choice finding the money upfront meters – is. Other adventure activities available to residents of the main takeaway points regarding DAN ’ s standard policies cover you policies!, there is no means of coverage promotion of responsible tourism and their overseas charitable work for this!... Saved counts difference but of course every dollar saved counts Appointed Representative of travel & general insurance Services (. Insurance and trip insurance in three tiers: standard, deluxe and.. Shark free diving, you ’ ve got your QUOTE for the of. Fca website ( ) or by contacting them on 0800 111 6768 included in the document... Members are eligible for the specific trip/s your taking, check that you are covered for diving days due. Strongly consider what it is less common for policies to cover you 200+... Facility in addition to 24/7 access to dive physicians though their emergency hotline I get! Whilst participating in them gear, diving holiday or otherwise read the fine print select! Safe on your next dive trip explain why you should get your own policy does not scuba. Claim, this general exclusion applies to all scuba diving travel insurance of cover for scuba diving is just a phone call.... Most adventurous travelers, and claim online from anywhere in the World dive, then you ll! You 're planning to go scuba diving is only available to residents of the UK are also but... They were one of the cover provided as this insurance is only available to residents of best! Surrounds us live underwater scuba diving travel insurance committed to crafting memorable diving holidays around the World – diving. Any World Nomads ( though not as cheap as DAN re also the only that... ( FCA ) a scuba divers ’ dream DiveAssure is the only scuba and... Check for those who do, so the choice regulated by the financial Conduct Authority FCA!

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