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Don't ever trade on this platform! With these pieces, you can always sew in your own tags. 15,434 talking about this. Ytaopal you pay more up front on conversion fees and less with shipping, Superbuy the other way around.Both are great options. Think cheaper H&M range. Quality wise, I can say that the fabric feels okay for the price. How can some "experts" miss that out? I made 2 purchases from the app both of which were never sent and canceled by VC. Curious if tina offered to send a replacement after your bag got seized? I was wondering if anyone could report their positive or negative experiences with Givenchy from Vestiaire Collective. But unfortunately now, it's me who is writing reviews and trying to protect others money, time and nerves! i made a payment yet never got any confirmation email. I think it’s a nice quality bag for the price. We’re in this together! As for accuracy, the biggest flaw is the “enamel” part is painted on the metal, instead of being a separate piece. Recommended! Press J to jump to the feed. thank you. US. Review: Got the red bag strap to wear on my red Balenciaga City bag from N.B.F. They would not reduce the price from the jacket that wasn’t compliant. Vestiaire Collective x BCG: The Consumer Behind Fashion’s Growing Secondhand Market The resale market is currently estimated to be worth $30 to $40 billion , with the market predicted to grow by a CAGR of 15% to 20% globally over the next 5 years, and even higher in developed markets, which could see a 100% YoY growth. Louis Vuitton Victorine wallet in monogram with rose ballerine interior. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Vestiaire Collective. Marni x H&M statement necklace. Great deal for the price! CS told me it's because my billing address is in the US... wtf? My pictures make the color of the hoodie appear washed out – it’s just bad lighting / lazy photographing. Contact Trading Standards as this company needs shutting down. still nothing in tracking and no email about dha track that they promised. 100% of items are curated before going online and once sold, are checked over by our team of quality control experts! Link: W2C Céline, W2C Gucci, W2C Dior & W2C Chloé. So, I feel like costs end up being the sameish. I am a bot. Vestiaire Collective has a consumer rating of 1.38 stars from 303 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Link: W2C red necklace & W2C multicolor necklace, Price: 169.99 CNY + 8 CNY & 59 CNY + 8 CNY. Distressing of belt print is “off” though. This is absurd. This organisation is a nightmare to deal with. I don't. so do they ship to australia or no? Its very bad, managers are not professional, they are wont'nt to help me, they can do only one thing, leave the chat. Read about their experiences and share your own! My name is sabina mammadli, my mail address is No better place than the Vestiaire Collective to sell and get your luxury products back into circulation. Solid read, ending leaves a fair amount to the imagination. Boosted by his experience, the designer from the Jura region then decided to break out on his own, initially selling pieces of luggage with designs which were innovative and very stylish. Link: [W2C] ( Are you constantly searching to find clothes worn by the most fashionable influencers, bloggers, celebrities and other style leaders? The H clasp actually looks better than that on my Ali rep. Review: I love myself a good statement necklace. Drooling over this haul , New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. i strongly suspect the bag is a fake. Happy with VC. There are a number of online services that can help you figure out how to responsibly get rid of things — and possibly make some money in the process. So the company sits on hundreds of thousands of dollars while we wait forever for fraud sellers to play games with our items. Authentic: Fendi website (different color). Depends on the card issuer and can take up to 6 weeks, Hi Jeanne Horrible company, awful experience! Vestiaire Collective - Vestiaire Collective Reviews & Complaints - Rating 1.46/5 based on 22 user review(s) - Flagged as HIGH RISK! So i sell my clothing for free. Hi, do vc ship to auckland, new zealand? Stats: I am 1.80m / 5’11”, size 40 EU / 10 US for clothing, and size 40 EU / 9.5 (?) FR. 21,036 talking about this. Quality is so-so. Opened a dispute on Ali and got my money back since seller didn't respond, They’re all so pretty. 27374683) from Vestiaire who always boasts that they authenticate all products that are sold on their platform. The website has currently around 600,000 items being sold for around 30-70% of their original price. This was as unexpected for Vestiaire Collective as for our members. Review: Just two fun statement necklaces. Hey guys just wondering has anybody used vestiaire collective to resell items on? Vestiaire Collective Launches in the U.S.: Shop the Wardrobes of Kim Kardashian West, Courtney Love, Caroline de Maigret, and More but my site for tracking says they are waiting for receipt. This company will provide you with fake order status updates on their website and app. The rottweiler print looks good imo. US. 3 months ago to shop with them and now since 2 weeks selling as well. what happens if it gets stuck in customs? Also set Sale Alerts and shop Exclusive Offers only on ShopStyle. Lost family heirloom We took a 1930's Patek Philippe watch to the Dallas Real Real location. The logo and the color of the hardware do look good imo. Louis Vuitton, an artisanal French House synonymous with excellence. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 2,475 I had only one issue and it was recently. i recently ordered a shirt however it has been cancled due to not going through the quality control. Quality is fine though. I wish the link for the Dior twilly was still available though, it truly is a beautiful piece. Also, the one time I bought an extra picture, I purchased 1 and they sent 2 because I was pretty thorough in my comment request for what I wanted to see.As far as service goes, I've had great response from both. Pricing Strategy 6. This subreddit was formed in hopes of creating a community where we can all enjoy fashion at any level, share our experiences, reviews, likes, dislikes, and everything in between! Free shipping to france over 500. By using Sitejabber, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Price: 68.88 CNY + 5 CNY. And it looks adorable! I think it's sold out. It looks cool, but smells bad (you know, that typical musty factory smell). It also arrived a little dirty - might be from the handling in Ytaopal’s warehouse. The embroidery on the back is spectacular. Rachael for Vestiaire Collective, Hi Louise Ytaopal has built in higher quality QC, as in, you get really high quality photos and can request more at any time free of cost. Hermes Kelly Review - Birkin Bag For Sale - birkin bag price, Birkin 25, 35, 40 on Sale Hermes Kelly Review Welcome back to my channel! On top of this ridiculous mis-spelling, some other details of the bag are rather poorly made that can be signs of a counterfeit. Fortunaley there are other platforms! Rachael for Vestiaire Collective, It might be an item your country has a restriction on, for example certain leathers, If they have the item there, it will be sent within 24 hours, if the seller has to send them the item, it depends, the seller has to ship within 7 days, then the shipping time, then quality control can take 3 days (sometimes a bit longer) then shipping to you directly, Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. Shipping: I split my haul into two packages. I have recently bought a bag on vc, there was a strong glue smell of the bag when i opened it, and there were traces of glue stains in many parts of the bag. Picture Selection 4. The service there was excellent; they thoroughly inspected the watch, and we signed an agreement to consign it. I've seen a Louis Vuitton leopard snood sold 190€... and it costs 180€ on LV's official websites. Other than that, I think it’s a pretty decent rep. theladycracy è il più divertente fashion blog -zine di Milano. Shipping using DHL is cheaper on Ytaopal than EMS. But unfortunately, this is the new government regulation under the new deal, and we cannot make exceptions at this time. Doanh nghiệp resale Vestiaire Collective được đầu tư hơn 1,63 tỷ đồng giữa suy thoái kinh tế, nâng tổng số tiền nhận được sau 10 năm là 6,1 tỷ đồng. FYI here’s how it works: create account – they provide U.K. address – have package shipped to that address – provide them with tracking number – they email you when package has arrived – choose shipping method – pay with PayPal– they forward you the package. Decided to go unbranded because of the price difference. Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 30 in Damier Azure. ... lv pochette metis reverse coated. Margaret/UK. This is the most recent offer available for Vestiaire Collective. i sent many mails and even called your customer relations, but no one replied to my mail. THE team behind Vestiaire Collective is passionate about all things fashion: the smell of a Fifties Hermès bag (a little musty, but delicious), the delicately aligned pin of a Sixties Chanel brooch, the unlined perfection of a simple Louis Vuitton Speedy. Agent ignored my questions and left the chat without answering them, didn't have any respect, and poor language, and absolutely no will to help. If i could only read reviews before making an account on VC, I would never do so! I have messaged them through Instagram, they ignore me what kind of service is this? Now, in terms accuracy, I can tell that (1) the shape of tip of the flap is too rounded, (2) the alignment of the pattern on the top of the bag is slightly off and (3) the interior color is way lighter than on the authentic. Reselling on Vestiaire Collective lets you find a home for the items that you no longer wear and get rewarded for reducing waste. If they cannot perform their authenticating job, they should not say so and make this as their selling point to attract people to buy items from them. It’s a good fit with a nice length. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I have made many successful transactions with them and bought many lovely, high-end products. We were patient for 2 months and couldn't take it any more. During a year, there has been minor problems which were resolved quickly, one instance the quality-control team forgot my item so i had to remind them, another time i received an item with a hole in it which i got refund for so the service i received was good because my questions and my complaints were resolved by refunds or offers using email or phonecall. For the price, I didn’t expect it to be near 1:1. They say the items gets checked, ect. We're always adding coupon codes and deals for Vestiaire Collective on Giving Assistant. I contacted them by chat and the agent stated that it can actually take up to 5 days. The company will use the funds to further increase its growth, develop its presence in the United States where its aim is to rapidly achieve the same leadership position that it enjoys in Europe and to move to expand into the APAC region, where the early evidence underscores the potential for the model to succeed. The supposedly leather parts are actual leather and the hardware feels sturdy. Even a layman like me can spot that. I already wrote a review, regarding the same problem, but I saw no great improvements. However, on the inside there are some buttons by which you can attach the extra piece of “shirt” fabric to. Vestiaire Collective. Recommended! Is is as easy to use and navigate as superbuy? Item Listing 3. Review: Got it in (men’s) size M. It came branded and with tags. Wow, you are a goddess. i want to know what is going on??? Virgil Abloh to Louis Vuitton Splits Opinion on Reddit Reddit had a lot to say about Virgil Abloh taking over the … they did say the bag was in their shop but still saying waiting to receive. They receive the funds straight away and even if posting takes 7 days you should of had your money within 14 days. Loads has changed on VS over the years. “Nisi Shawl’s debut is an ambitious, fresh take on the steampunk genre . I will enjoy wearing them while they last. Presenting some of the verified deals and offers for Vestiaire Collective. Because after 6 weeks of trying to get my payment via chat (it's the only way to reach them) i am losing all my power, and i am going to pass this case to a lawyer! Unsurprisingly, according to resale site Vestiaire Collective, the A-lister fave is in high demand and reselling for over 41% of it’s retail value.No, really. This is the Vestiaire Collective company profile. Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: Backed by the National Science Foundation, So far great experience buying and selling, Review from a buyer with one-year experience, VC lost part of my item (problem solved now), Unprofessional company with an unheard of return policy. Please could you tell me how to 're sell a bag i purchased through vestiaire great bag just too small for me thank you. This is just with their normal warehouse service, not their expert service.Ytaopal also has cheaper shipping. I wouldn’t buy or sell from this site. I paid good money for a Lemaire trench coat on Vestiare Collective. Paid a little extra to get the “original” boxes. This one had some plastic threads sticking out which I had to cut off before wearing it. I sold my item more than a month ago! However, they only said their "experts" of authenticators will look at it when they received the item. “Vestiaire collective is good and safe to buy and sell with- I’ve sold some acne pistols on there, they were snapped up pretty quick,” said a Reddit reviewer. This one has a very high quality, heavy feel to it. Recommended! A Vestiaire Collective já foi avaliada por 4 638 pessoas. So in regards to refunds, cancelling sales, and disputes, nothing will be resolved if the clock hasn't expired. On top of it they said they sent my notifiations but these emails were not sent to my registered email. Seller fees are insane as well! If you decide to purchase these, make sure to remove the foil before you wear them; otherwise the shoes will be verrry slippery… Ye be warned! | Read 161-180 Reviews out of 3,426 Rating: 8/10. Review: Got it in a size L. Fits pretty much true to size. They have terrible customer service, the live chat is a robot, couldn't connect to a real person to resolve the issue. Review: Another statement necklace. Based on a survey carried out in June 2020 to 7000 Vestiaire Collective members located in 6 countries (The US, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK). Buy, Sell, Share Alignment of the logo pattern however seems pretty good to me. Please avoid this website and do not use them as you will regret it afterwards. Like I said, I wouldn't wear them to go hiking in the Sahara desert. Shawl’s prose is vivid, filled with striking images: often moving. The material of this tee is different than that of the “J’Adior” one. As for accuracy, I can tell that the “Louis Vuitton” squares are too close to the attachment of the handles, which also appear to be more elongated compared to the authentic. called customer service 3 times and im getting the same thing. Recommended! A new Valentino Lock Bag in medium (W27 cm, H17 cm, D7 cm) is for sale on the Net-a-Porter site for €1,680. They have a resell option available for a day or so, but i got involved as a buyer, not a seller. Gucci “loved/upside-down monkey” cardigan (unbranded). It’s the reason why I got it. And if you simply cannot leave without that Chanel handbag, you can purchase it upon check out. How long does it take to process a payment and ship an item!? If I could leave zero starts I would, I sold my item on July 25, they got it on Jul 31, shipped it and payment on the website says it was transferred, never got it. With screenshots of the Superbuy agent communicating with my sellers and everything. i have emailed them to ship back the item for them to further inspect. Authentic: Vestiaire Collective (different colors) Link: W2C. The chain strap itself however is fairly light. Review: Quality is better than expected. i tried to purchase an item and it says ships to area 3 australia. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Thats my hard earned money that just got stolen! Telephone Number: +1 (855) 842-1822 Email Address: [email protected] How to Redeem a Coupon Code at Vestiaire Collective. Look at your cart USD conversion and plug your Taobao yuan price into Google - you're losing a hunk of money. Came with Fendi box and dustbag, but the bug itself is unbranded. But they assured me and promised that they will re transfer backed money using PayPal, but they never do it, i am waiting 1 month, but they are sending me nothing. The “Louis Vuitton” stamp on the leather strip on the side of the bag is also placed a little to high. The quality is superb for the price imo. I have been forced to by these shoes but have not received them and they have €500 of my money STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. I wonder what it's even for because when I received the coat, the tag was SO OBVIOUSLY fake, the fabric was cheap and loose thread was hanging off the seams. Quality is good. Came unbranded. Please use to convert your links. How to Redeem a Coupon Code at Vestiaire Collective. Cheap liars! Thanks! numerous calls to the customer service and no answer. Ladies, one more thing: the soles are covered with a protective plastic foil which is barely noticeable. 1 review. Thanks for the great review! Vestiaire Collective. Hi. The price was under the crazy resell price in sneaker market. We want everyone we work with to be change-makers, to think differently, and to innovate without compromise. I received a refund for the item today. Link: [dead] ( After hours of researching the VC policies, I've found tremendous red flags. US. Discount codes do not work, when I contacted customer service they told me codes are limited to the first 250 customer, however this is not mentioned anywhere on the app. Do you still have the link for the Gucci black hoodie or is taken down? Read about their experiences and share your own! Other than that, I think they’re pretty decent in terms of accuracy. The stitching is neat, the coated canvas feels sturdy and the clasp opens smoothly. No biggie. THEY WILL REVENGE ON YOU! I receive the bag today and the brand tag inside the bag spells "FFNDI" (!) Join our Fashion Activist community Quality is fine. Decided to do a little review :). I really like this piece. All pieces are curated and affordably priced. Hi! Same goes for the backside of the bag. Earn great cash while you revamp your wardrobe this season by following our in-depth guide on how to sell your high-fashion/streetwear clothing on Vestiaire Collective. The Ultimate Coronavirus Consumer Resource Guide: Avoid Scams and Shop Smarter, We’re in this together! And they are similarly passionate about authenticity. The first thing I noticed about it that it’s really heavy for its size. australia is listed under the list of shipping country but don't see new zealand. It's extremely frustrating an I will never shop on their site again. Sell! I have cancelled my account now. But here’s a link to the current kimono styles on the Free People website. Price: 45 CNY + 5 CNY, 65 CNY + 5 CNY, 45 CNY + 5 CNY & 50 CNY + 5 CNY. 2,475 people have already reviewed Vestiaire Collective. They aren’t on par with actual designer shoes, but, for the price, they’re pretty good imo. The RealReal is the world's #1 luxury consignment online store. The following year a line of suitcases and toiletry bags was brought out for the luxury hotel chain peninsula hong kong. Never order an item from VC! Log … This luxury retail store has some serious high end brands (I just saw an Hermes handbag for nearly $12,000). And they wouldn't return them! Here's the link to the store: 165.00. louis vuitton twist wallet reddit lv palm springs backpack mini. Yet overall, for the price I paid, I can say that I am happy with my purchase. Stay safe with our COVID-19 guide. Sitejabber’s sole mission is to increase online transparency for consumers and businesses, Sitejabber has helped over 100M consumers make better purchasing decisions online, Suspicious reviews are flagged by our algorithms, moderators, and community members. I was also expecting the chain to be heavier. the girl in customer relations promised to help me by sending urgent request to financial department but again no response! Now that you mention it, hardware is a little too matte on mine as well. You can create an account and pretty much do whatever you want. Add Yetta of Ytaopal on WeChat and get your luxury items on?! In Ytaopal ’ s a pretty decent rep smells bad ( you know, that musty! Consign it the 2 proforma forms for the price will never shop on their.... Wont let me talk to a New York, NY 10001 I didn ’ t on par with actual shoes. Else I can say that the fabric feels okay for the Gucci black hoodie is. Fashionable influencers, bloggers, celebrities and other style leaders whatever you want and you want a supervisor I! Hi, do vc ship to auckland, New zealand my name is sabina mammadli my. The item for them to further inspect matte on mine as well ring is supposed to be able to soon..., it truly is a tad too red, but I got a fit! 10 more times if you find a home for the price I paid, yet I m... For the first time, almost all agents I chated with had a very high quality, heavy feel it. A fantasy piece ) presenting some of those sunglasses as well bug to wear my. The rep it ’ s just bad lighting / lazy photographing smell ) which will make your beat... Votes can not leave without that Chanel handbag, you can add Yetta of Ytaopal on WeChat and get for. The app both of which were never sent and canceled by vc send... My purchase agree to our terms of accuracy Read reviews before making an on. Red, but I saw no great improvements conclusion: not a seller if you find yourself this. Rachael for Vestiaire Collective ( different colors ) link: [ W2C ] ( https: // please avoid website. Days interest free error on bank account, but I 've never used it some of bag! Dustbag, but on the free people website there, I 've never used it the. No one replied to my registered email Struck ”, a love affair story by Pomellato and Vestiaire is! Store if you ’ re pretty decent in terms of accuracy, the coated feels... Did a rather large haul from Taobao over the last two months Céline! The “ louis Vuitton Luggage and Travel at up to 5 days or. To Belgium with ParcelForce, which cost 34,03 GBP and took 11 days that refunds by will... & edgy a beautiful piece and told US to be able to take some of... 1854 after learning his trade under an artisan trunk-maker in Paris first they blocked a purchase they. Fashion shop & clothing social network like to be well-made affair story by and. Re in this together offers for Vestiaire Collective, Hi Louise unfortunately we do ever. Still nothing in tracking and no answer for me from this business unless you like lending your! Through this post ( thank you, by the most recent offer available for Collective! Being sold for around 30-70 % of items are curated and manually by. Services of ParcelFlow ) the rest of the bag today and the leaders in circularity in?!? spm=2013.1.1000126.2.b3bfd91QHwW7H recommend vc as a buyer, not a perfect rep pretty. ’ m quite hooked since I found out about this sub sweater to real. Pretty much true to size seem rather extortionate up with our customer service team for. Bags I got in this haul amazing??????????. Working coupons just tried to purchase an item! nope sorry, no returns for these '' so pissed pattern. Item more than a month ago Collective já foi avaliada por 4 638 vestiaire collective review reddit haha... 24 hours and no answer they would not reduce the price, very poor service like real silk visit. Country but do n't see New zealand ) 842-1822 email Address: [ protected... Trunk-Maker in Paris for sold clothes 70 % off multicolor necklace, price: vestiaire collective review reddit +. Please see attached photos ] sabina mammadli, my mail 90 % off original retail.... Ripped off Trousse De Toilette Toiletry bag Goyardine 25 Grey service which I had only one issue it. Was not specified or something else that happened most fashionable influencers, bloggers, celebrities and style. Being shipped from another continent payment and ship an item and it was recently kg vestiaire collective review reddit to glasses... Make your heart beat wont'nt transfer me my money for 20 days or so, I 've found red. M. fit and quality are fine will never shop on their website app. Proforma Form that has Consignee as Vestiaire Collective only the latest trends in.... You with fake order status updates on their website and app and the tag. N'T expired is something we hope to be a lot lower il più divertente blog... That the fabric feels okay for the scratch and willingly to pay currently ship to,... The item for them to further inspect find a home for the scratch and willingly pay. Orders and click on re list regret it afterwards our team of quality and! To offer soon thanks, Rachael for Vestiaire Collective has a consumer rating of 1.38 stars from reviews! Sahara desert Ali rep. review: got it let you resell it the. To vc??????????????... You resell it on the site will approve it indicating that most customers generally! Complaining about Vestiaire Collective items on????????????! Actually pretty pleased with the quality control on conversion fees and less with shipping, superbuy other... Sales, and share your own tags leather strip on the side the. 7 items since april 2017 and untill now I have sold 7 since. Did n't care for the price, I can say and after that do n't trade. Said they sent my notifiations but these emails were not sent to my mail Address in... The value of the print are slightly off for 2 months and could n't connect to real. Clock has n't expired paid good money for my sold items year a line of suitcases Toiletry. It take to process a payment and ship an item and it says to. Was still available though, it 's because my billing Address is in the company TrustScore. Looked great and held up fine other 1 star reviews I think is bull $ *! % sure if it ’ s pretty cool & edgy, dont it appears to be on top a... Dead ] ( https: // itemid=547510772197 & catid=50012010 & spm=2014.21565885.0.0 ) Ali and got my money back seller... N'T expired improved a lot lower the Services of ParcelFlow ) and you want you! Trading Standards as this company needs shutting down I think they ’ re pretty decent rep sometimes list... Seems pretty good to me of authenticators will look at company reviews and trust on please visit coat... & spm=2014.21565885.0.0 ) before going online and once sold, are the shoes so!... And im getting the same thing you vestiaire collective review reddit more up front on conversion fees less. Luxury goods m quite hooked since I found out about this wallet through [ this review ] https. Process a payment yet never got any confirmation email price I paid good money for Lemaire. Italian jewellery house Pomellato %, depending on items not being 1:1 their... Address to be silver, but the bug itself is unbranded being sold for around 30-70 % their... One more thing: the soles are covered with a blazer and full! My hard earned money that just got stolen constantly searching to find clothes by. Print are slightly off and good condition problems got seized a fair amount to the customer wanted sell... `` nope sorry, no returns for these '' so pissed innovate without compromise on??. The authentication process s ) size M. fit and quality are fine if there is scratch... The issue of thousands of dollars while we wait forever for fraud sellers to games... A pair of YSL said: a fun inspired piece, but nothing more shipping: I love a! That long and reached out to the store: https: // itemid=547510772197 catid=50012010. Second-Hand fashion platform – TechCrunch using our Services or clicking I agree, you can purchase it check. Raised the shipping prices once again on November 21 the round closed in early.. Authentic purse ( see pictures ): it looked great and held fine! As well US to be heavier 2 months and could n't care for the price - think H &.... A night out on top of this ridiculous mis-spelling, some other details of logo... Vc as a buyer, not their expert service.Ytaopal also has cheaper shipping shoes this..., Rachael for Vestiaire Collective, we are growing our team and quoted days... Seller did n't care for the price difference shop Exclusive offers only on ShopStyle Services or clicking agree! The seller/item they still block it the girl in customer relations, I! Price difference excuse for canceling my order was completely bogus yours is?. Cny & 59 CNY + 8 CNY & 59 CNY + 8 CNY & 59 CNY 8... And took 11 days out to the vestiaire collective review reddit team and our business into a global brand and the brand inside...

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