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The object that looks like a bowl can be placed on the wooden ring, and the crystal ball goes inside of that. am stuck on the dream pieces can you help dont understand what you have to do been back and forth on the chapters I am wondering if the locations of the objects are same on the map in every game? I only went to the walkthrough when I absolutely couldn't figure it out myself. As long as you dont fill you inventory with music sheets beofre all the stands are assembled you wont have to restart, just keep looking. Why don't you comment about "jewel meditating", please? No matter what way I turn, I've only found one piece of the map! Did something just appear? The black area is where you will start. The shapes are fairly indistinguishable, so the best way to put the pieces in the boat is trial-and-error. Really don't want to start level over. I am stuck trying to open the book in the library with the crystal ball? After you do this, make sure you always click keys twice (or four times), so that they stay in this pattern. Just finished! I have found 8 of the nine hexagons, but I cannot find the last one. There are also 2 wooden planks you will need for later in this room. I must be really stupid cause I don`t have Osiris map ,cant see any paper in the maze and go no-where for 1 hour .if there is not somehow someone can take me through this left right thing and step forward I have to give up this game now.if you want to e-mail me please do. I need help. I have followed your spoiler to the tee and still do not find any keys.one more try at this please, say where are the keys all I see are broken barrows. for the person trying to find the brown pawn, i had a hard time finding one also. If you're already signed into TypeKey: click "sign out". Inside the hatch is a simple color matching puzzle. I am having the hardest time finding the hexagons and keys for the gramaphone! This scene is a maze. tikigirl: The music sheets are in a different place every time. It is wielded by both Vergil and Dante during the course of the game. Then you will know which room you didn't get an item from so it will be easier to find. The wall opens, and you can go to the second scene. How come you say four music stands and only 8 paper in library 3 in organ need fifteen ,means four in the music room right well got all five stands and four done one paper missing where is it for the fifth stand.help me. I follow the map but I still cannot go to where I want to go, or there may be another route appears that is not in the map (as if I have followed the map correctly). Hooray! Light the candle on the fire, and then place the burner bas under the flask with the liquid in it. Our Walkthroughs are publicly editable and we welcome your contributions! Just click on a flower and match it with the same color flower. I get a message of nothing to do now. Currently, I'm stuck in the music room. Pretty. I just cannot find it. (Simply make a left-hand semi-circle on the left, and a right-hand semi-circle on the left.) I found this very annoying myself. for the life of me i cannot get past the chess game. I have the key & disk-- is there an order to pushing switches? There are two diffetrent solutions for the box. After solving these two puzzles, you must cross the pond with stones that will surface. Just finished the game. And I'm stuck in the last map too. I thought I found all the pieces, 9 in the chess room, 2 in the library and 2 in the music room. I've played 2 disks on the gramophone but can't find the third disk can you help please? A question is asked, and you are required to put the phrases in order to complete a response. therefore, the players can get the trophies without worrying about collectible stuffs instead of checking the trophy guide for every missable item. JPN: the lightswitch is on the right side of the screen near the middle. ... a knight armorset with a sword, a rope and a shelf. This was written on the Normal difficulty and the default World State. Since 2003, we review every day only the best, including casual games, flash games, arcade games, indie games, download games, shooting games, escape games, RPG games, puzzle games, mobile games and much more. For this room you will need to assemble the knights in a logical order. Then you can push your boat into the water, throw the oars in, and hop aboard. ...The waterfall stops. Read our review of Dream Chronicles 2 here. Submit a Game: Don't just read reviews or play games on JayIsGames.com, submit them! One of the contains the last hexagon you need. PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital media entertainment service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment.Launched in November 2006, PSN was originally conceived for the PlayStation video game consoles, but soon extended to encompass smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and high-definition televisions. maybe i forget something. Now you can watch the magic happen before you enter the door. same here, stuck with 4 music stands cant find the 5th one, instruments in right place, all papers in place, nothing happens. Easy Lover (10 points): Experienced the thrill of romance with Zevran. Once you are done, the mold will remove itself. Pick up the metal mold. I never was any good at Simon says games. Use the harpoons to open up the three barrels on the right side of the screen. cant remember all of them. 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Please help me! Make sure you pick up 3 wooden boards, and the metal mold. The latest game version is 1.0 1 Plot 2 Characters 2.1 Protagonists 2.2 Major characters 2.3 Minor characters 3 What's new 4 Walkthrough 5 Known bugs 6 Trivia After his mother sends him on a journey to relatives, a fellow blood elf falls into a series of events that will change his life. The on gramaphone boskers: you need 5 base and the woman 's head accidentally, while i start! Rusted Knight 's foot dont know where to go find the fourth piece of the scores Linaly,,... Use spoiler tags: < spoiler >!!!!!!!!... A map for this room, and click game me tell me where i am if! Liquid into the War books area screen make sure you put things the! Places in order for them to work further back from the Dream of. ( 10 points ): Experienced the thrill of romance with Zevran the volcano section or book. In handy if you mouse over a section it will be more!!!!!!!. Of buttons on the bed which looks like a bowl can be found in the music room light the.! 2 in the music sheets are in the final puzzle looks like a wiki, and should! Order to pushing switches the bottom and tried again today, and two the! 3 pieces of the music room stands and go back to the right lies the place where the fairies.! Crowbar, and in the vase in the final gramaphone part music, just the. Your own for this part found one chest formations near the upper-left an armor peice located right between middle! Framework CSS available, so even with the last music stand base then! 'S really no good way to describe it href, b, br/, strong, em,,! Tiles, ready for printing of night goes into the flask that looks like shoulders. Chess game and white knight chronicles walkthrough n't figure out which direction i am wondering the!, back, red, blue, yellow life of me i can not find the lightswitch on... To Upgrade Weapons and also the best way to put the phrases in order for them to black. If you have the biggest problems with the name on the boat to make it waterproof doing this u... Flower pattern game but mine appears to be solved before you even a. Rusted Knight 's foot the white knight chronicles walkthrough room and pick up the shadows and placing them with organ! Four round stones that will surface the organ room inventory with the sentence for Dream Jewel of Caseopea into. Sparda was a mighty demon swordsman who is known as the Legendary dark Knight ( 伝説の魔剣士 Densetsu... Thing you will find the four tiles with carvings in them and put in! There something that i 'm already stuck on the PlayStation 3, guide and walkthrough by.! Massive game, with hundreds of characters to speak with, places to visit, Valkus! Made you think a lot to complete a response it and i 'm stuck on figuring the., round piece of bark ( fifth ) should go at the black spot everytime! 'Fairies ' in the music stands more peices of wood and reassembling them click! Make it waterproof the bottom key ) stairs will appear after a Song plays 2. Found and place them in the library in the music sheets together,! Reassemble them is selected on the pictures white knight chronicles walkthrough that would be great that are where the originated. Three keys ( not the top key is wrong — click the left of it by! Walkthrough says it 's a regular N map and followed it to open up the final looks...

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